Mari Freitas

“I am overjoyed with not only the beautiful, user-friendly website designed by Dominica herself, but from the overwhelming positive responses by my current and prospective clientele. Before I started working with Dominica, I was completely lost with trying to build my business. All I knew is that I needed more clients. Dominica took her valuable time, patience, understanding and savvy approach to get me not only up and running but to steam roll me right into more success! I am beyond words with the wonderful attention to detail, creativity and balance she brought to help me project a thriving business. Having been self employed for over 25 years and fearful of entering the world wide web scene for a very long time… and now, thanks Dominica and her guidance, I feel confident and more professional than ever having a gorgeous site to refer my clients to. I can’t wait for our next opportunity to work with her, she is a gem!”

-Mari Freitas
LMT, DONA trained doula

Lisa Lewis Coaching

“Prior to meeting Dominica, my website and online presence lacked a cohesive brand. She was able to discern what I desire for my brand and clarify with me what the end result would be in working with Dominica and her team. Step one has been to develop a new website to give a clear, consistent message of my coaching business. Dominica managed the calendar efficiently and kept me moving forward with the necessary content development to produce a great site which is user friendly and portrays my brand clearly. I will continue to work with Dominica integrating my social platform presence with my website. She is very good at listening, asking clarifying questions and reminding me of what vision I described to her when we began working together. I highly recommend working with Dominica Lumazar for your brand and web strategy.”

-Lisa Lewis, Owner, Lisa Lewis Coaching

Green & Growing Landscapes

“Dominica is a miracle worker & an absolute delight to work aside. She invests a lot of herself into her clients & is dedicated to helping them succeed. Before meeting Dominica, we were having difficult with our web searches. She was able to drive more business through our website which increased our sales. Dominica knew exactly what to do to gain instant visibility, so we were able to get results immediately. She also recently rebuilt our site so that it would run smoothly. We are very happy with the design & feel of it. It is very user friendly & portrays the image we were hoping to project. We are now getting consistent business through our website, as well as other social media sites that she also helped us to establish. I honestly don’t know where we would be without her. We thank Dominica for much of our current success.”
– Martha and Gregory Miller, Owners, Green & Growing Landscapes

Alchemist Farm & Garden

“My biggest challenge with my business before working with Dominica was how to translate my large dreams into the small framework of a website. Dominica patently walked me through all of the layouts and tools the various websites had to offer and helped me get my webstore up and running. 95% of our revenue comes through our website store and none of that business would have been possible without Dominica.
Dominica has an amazing ability to listen to a persons dreams and put them into tangible goals that can be achieved in a realistic time frame. She has a whole team that she commands to help with everything from logo design and business cards to SEO and website building. When we first started all we had was our physical farm. Dominica helped us design a logo, and gave us all of the tools we needed to step into the public online space where we are not interacting with folks from all over the world on a daily basis through facebook, instagram and our website blog.
We have a product and business practices that folks really want to support. Once Dominica got us out into the world we noticed the results within weeks. As the months and years have gone on our business has grown at a sustainable and manageable pace for us. Every year our growth goes up exponentially and as our business evolves so do Dominicas offerings for website adjustments and new ecommerce platforms. Dominicas watchful eye on what tools we need to attain our ever changing goals allow us to reach those goals. There is no one perfect recipe or cookie cutter for every business and that is what makes Dominica so valuable as a member of our team. She really listens to where we want to go and gives us every tool and opportunity to get there, we cannot recommend her enough!”
– Franchesca Duval, Owner, Alchemist Farm & Garden

Working with Dominica at Sweet “D” has been the best business decision I ever made. Over these last 2 years, no matter what new Algorythm, update or glitch cyberspace threw at her, Dominica has always kept my shop on top and continuing to grow. I can’t express my gratitude enough for Sweet D Marketing and Dominica, she made my dream of working from home a reality.

Janette Lewis, Owner Designer at Alchemy Divine Couture

Sweet D’s knowledge of the social media arena has helped me greatly. I have been in business for over 30 years and her advice has helped me to understand new platforms of marketing. Dominica was able to help me focus on my target audience’s and make some strategic moves to increase my sales by 50%  

Anastasia del Vecchio CHT, Herbalist, Health and Wellness Coach

I think Dominica is amazing. Any clients wondering, have them call me!

Mike Stone, San Diego, CA. Owner & CEO of Snug Pet Resort & Absolute K9

Dominica is my super sonic social media & marketing missile! This girl can do it all. I’ve been working with her for 4 years now- she’s the best and I highly recommend her. Not only does she get results, but makes every aspect of marketing fun!

Robert Perala an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and musician

Dominica is our marketing queen! Not only does she get the job done, she owns it, and takes pride in it, making myself as a business owner feel very happy and fulfilled. I am confident and happy that she will grow your business in many ways! Just ask about all her expertise that she has to offer! Thank you Dominica and Sweet D marketing!

Albert Wheeler, owner of AJ Auto Detailing, Inc.

I started working with Dominica after my website had completely crashed. She fixed everything right away and did it with a smile. She completely saved my business from missing out on months of sales. I highly recommend her!

Jennifer Soles