Social Media Management

Social Media Reputation Management: Currently available. 

No matter if this is for a personal account or for a company, I help my clients to develop their positive reputation and eliminate negatives quickly. I’ll improve the company ratings, personally respond to bad reviews, mentions and tags. In some cases, I’ll flag/block posts and fight on the clients behalf to have negative posts and or interactions removed. 100% of all comments that come to the business will be screened in real time to ensure that any issues are taken care of right away.

What’s Included In My Complete Social Media Management Plan? 

(Applies to Facebook, Twitter, google+, LinkedIn & YouTube)

Strategy Consultation: 


I’ll talk with you to help develop a strategy that works best for you on the Social Media Networks that matter to you most.


I’ll monitor your social identities on a daily basis to keep an eye out for opportunities within your online community.

Content posting: (2 – 4 posts/day)

I’ll post content that has been tailored, selected and curated specially for your brand with keen attention to detail and overall strategy.

Page Creation/Optimization: 

If you don’t already have your social media platforms set up, I’ll create visually stunning representations of your brand online and optimize your profiles for best effect.

Custom Graphic Page Designs:

Your pages/profiles will be specifically designed by my skilled graphic designers that will customize every detail of your presence.

Reputation Management: 

I’ll monitor your Social Networks and look out for mentions of your brand and the general sentiment it receives and apply damage control if necessary.

27/7 Email Support: 

I’ll provide you with excellent customer support on any of the day of the week… yes even Sundays!

Fan Engagement: 

I’ll engage your fans on any network and cultivate a relationship with influencers within your online community. This includes comments & replies.


Need to track your Social Media Progress? I can provide you with analytics reports to help you measure your ROI and success on Social Media.

Weekly Consultation: 

I’ll keep in touch with you weekly to provide you with any support or adjustments to strategy.

Custom Graphic Post Designs:

Social Media is becoming more visual. I’ll create custom branded Post Designs to integrate into your daily content postings. Get ready to go viral!

Multi-Platform Synergy: 

I’ll manage up to 5 social networks for you to ensure there is one seamless representation of your brand in terms of design and content.

Advanced Facebook Ads Management: 

I can preform complex Facebook Ads Management such as conversion tracking, custom audiences and facebook retargeting ads.


Some Insight Into the Content Creation Process: 

(Analyze Page > Discover Key Sources > Research > Analyze Sources >Assess Relativity & Usefulness > Post Content > Analyze Engagement > Repeat ) 

I analyze your page and discover the key sources for content that could drive your page. I do research on these sources and analyze them to ensure that they will be relative to your page and useful to the interests of the readers of your page. Once I determine the content is suitable, I will then post the content to your page while analyzing the engagement level to determine if any tweaks or adjustments are in order. I repeat this process with every post I make.

I follow the 80/20 rule of posting, which means that 80% of the time I’ll be posting non-business related posts, while 20% of the time I’ll be posting about your business’s products, & services. Why only 20%? Because no one likes to be bombarded by posts about products, it gets boring and annoying real fast.

So to keep your fans engaged with your page and keep your brand’s presence in their news feed 80% of the posts that I make may seem pointless to you, but are actually MORE important then the posts about your business, because the non-business related posts are what keeps your page ALIVE and engaging so that when I do decide to post about your business, people will be listening and not turned out and turned off. There is a science to what I do and I’m constantly keeping up to date with all of the changes happening on facebook. So sit back, relax and trust that I will deliver content that will be related to the interests of your fans.

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