Researching new product ideas


Fill-in-the-blank Prompts: 

  1. “How can technology be used to improve [industry] processes and operations?”
  2. “What changes can be made to improve the customer experience in [industry]?”
  3. “What are the biggest challenges facing [type of industry] right now, and how can they be addressed?”
  4. “How can [type of business] adapt to changing consumer behavior and preferences?”
  5. “What are the most effective marketing strategies for [industry] businesses?”
  6. “How can [type of industry] businesses stay competitive in a constantly evolving market?”
  7. “What role can sustainability play in the future of [industry]?”
  8. “What are some innovative ways [type of business] can expand its reach and customer base?”
  9. “How can [industry] companies balance profitability with social responsibility?”
  10. “What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of incorporating AI in [type of industry]?”
  11. “How can [type of business] leverage social media to enhance brand awareness and engagement?”
  12. “What new market opportunities could be created through collaboration between [type of industry] businesses?”
  13. “What steps can be taken to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce waste in [industry]?”
  14. “How can [type of industry] businesses successfully navigate and adapt to regulatory changes?”
  15. “What impact will emerging technologies have on the future of [industry]?”
  16. “What are the most effective ways to build and maintain customer loyalty in [industry]?”
  17. “How can [type of business] create a unique value proposition that sets it apart from competitors?”
  18. “What are the most important factors to consider when launching a new product or service in [industry]?”
  19. What do you anticipate to be the most significant trend in [industry] over the next five years?”
  20. “What are the top five trends that are currently impacting [type of industry]?”
  21. “What are some new product ideas that [type of industry] could offer to [niche] customers?”
  22. “Where do you see the [name of the industry] heading in the future?”
  23. “What new product offerings could a [type of business] provide to its customer base?”
  24. “Can you suggest three potential product ideas for a consulting firm that specializes in helping restaurant owners increase sales?”
  25. “What are four possible product ideas that a carpet cleaning business could consider creating?”
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