Quick Client Proposals


Fill-in-the-blank prompts: 

  1. How can [type of business] offer services to help clients in [industry] achieve their goals and objectives?
  2. In what ways can [type of business] improve the efficiency and productivity of other businesses?
  3. What solutions can a [type of business] provide to address current market pain points or challenges?
  4. How can a business differentiate itself from competitors in [industry]?
  5. How can a [type of business] help clients expand their customer base and enter new markets?
  6. What actions can a [type of business] take to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  7. How can [type of industry] demonstrate the ROI and potential impact of its services to clients?
  8. What steps can our [type of services] take to stay ahead of industry trends and innovation?
  9. How can [type of business] tailor its services to meet the specific needs and preferences of clients in [industry]?
  10. What strategies can a [type of business] implement to increase brand awareness and visibility in [industry]?
  11. How can [type of business] collaborate with clients in [industry] to create customized solutions that address their unique challenges and goals?
  12. What metrics can we track to measure the success and effectiveness of the solutions we provide to clients in [industry]?
  13. How can [type of business] ensure seamless integration and adoption of our solutions within clients’ existing workflows and processes?
  14. What training and support can [type of business] provide to ensure clients are equipped to use and optimize our solutions?
  15. How can [type of business] provide ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure clients are always receiving the most up-to-date and relevant solutions?

Open-ended questions: 

  1. “What unique value proposition can we offer in our proposal to stand out from competitors and win the client’s business?”
  2. “How can we tailor our proposal to effectively communicate the client’s specific needs and goals?”
  3. “What strategies can we use to convey the benefits and potential return on investment of our proposed solution?”
  4. “What evidence can we provide to demonstrate our experience and expertise in the client’s industry or market?”
  5. “How can we address potential objections or concerns the client may have in our proposal?”
  6. “What creative and engaging elements can we include in our proposal to capture and maintain the client’s attention?”
  7. “What follow-up actions can we propose to show our commitment to the client’s success and further cultivate the relationship?”
  8. “What metrics and key performance indicators can we propose to track and measure the success of our proposed solution?”
  9. “How can we effectively convey the scope, timeline, and resources required for our proposed solution in the proposal?”
  10. “What feedback and input can we request from the client in the proposal to ensure that their needs and expectations are met throughout the project?”


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