Improve your copy


  • Rewrite this text using the PAS copywriting formula: [copy and paste text].
  • Rewrite this text going deeper on the solution it can offer to the customer: [copy and paste text].
  • Please rewrite this text to connect more on a deeper level to the reader: [copy and paste text].

Open ended questions: 

  1. How can I enhance my writing style to make it more captivating and distinctive?
  2. In what ways can I enhance the engagement and persuasiveness of my copy?
  3. What tools and resources do you suggest for improving my copywriting skills?
  4. Which mistakes should I avoid while writing copy?
  5. How can I simplify my writing to make it more accessible to my intended audience?
  6. In what ways can research and data be used to make my copy more effective?
  7. What steps can I take to craft a compelling and unambiguous call-to-action in my copy?
  8. What techniques can I apply to make my headlines more attention-grabbing?
  9. How can storytelling techniques be utilized to create more memorable copy?
  10. Can you evaluate a specific piece of my copy and provide suggestions for improvement?

More advanced:

  • Using the PAS copywriting formula, create a 700 word landing page that persuades potential buyers to purchase . Use a sense of urgency by saying you only have 3 seats left, and include a short story about how one client found [ went from point A to point B]
  • Apply the AIDA copywriting model to capture the interest of [ideal customer] and influence them to take [call to action]. Begin by posing a question that captures their attention, present compelling statistics that demonstrate the severity of [problem], outline three key benefits of our product [benefit 1], [benefit 2], and [benefit 3], and conclude by requesting that they take [call to action].
  • Use the ‘PASTOR’ framework to create a webinar script that addresses the pain points of [your ideal customer] and promotes my as the solution. Identify their problem, emphasize the consequences of inaction, share a story related to the issue [persuasive story], showcase positive customer experiences
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    , present our offer, and ask for a purchase in a persuasive yet direct tone.



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