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Dominica Lumazar is a #1 International Bestselling Author, and a nationally recognized Branding & Marketing Strategy expert. She consults with business owners on not only how to position their companies within the marketplace, but also how to break through growth plateaus. Dominica has worked with over 100 CEO’s and has been known as, “the secret weapon” by many. Her discretion and willingness to dive deep into the heart of a business is unlike any other. With 10+ years of experience running two of her own successful companies, she’s been able to break into countless industries and provide epic success for her clients. From growing her Chocolate company onto the shelves at Whole Foods Market, to writing top 100 charting AC radio hits, not to mention, being responsible for over 8 million dollars of her clients monthly adspend, Dominica is force. 

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“Brand consistency is the delivery of your brand’s identity and values over time. It can directly affect what people think about your company. It’s a slow and steady strategy, but if done correctly and consistently, your brand’s visual and overall message will establish trust with your target audience. Your brand will become the “go-to” or the authority in your industry. Simply put, customers trust brands they recognize, and consistency makes your brand feel more dependable”, notes Dominica Lumazar in her book Empowered: The Business Owner’s Guide to Leadership and Success.”

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